Sundays – Holy Eucharist

rsz_1rsz_1rsz_joy_java_jesus_clear8:30 AM – Joy, Java, Jesus

rsz_1rsz_1rsz_elwcross_red187h10:30 AM – Classic Service


9:15 Education Hour


Gethsemane has two worship services that are very different. Both are a casual atmosphere. Stop by the Gethsemane Cafe’ for Java and snacks before, during and after the services. Dress how you feel. You’ll see people dressed in everything from shorts to suits. Do what feels comfortable.

  • rsz_1rsz_joy_java_jesus_clearThe Joy, Java, Jesus is our shorter, more family friendly worship service that last for about 45 minutes. If you have kids you’ll discover that our Joy, Java, Jesus is particularly suited to you. During worship the kids are in with the adults. There is an area for the kids should they wish to “hang” and be with their friends. It’s very relaxed with thought provoking, relevant sermons, live music you can sing, hum along or just enjoy.



  • glc_logo_master_cOur Traditional Lutheran Liturgical Service is more formal in nature. Our liturgy is based on the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Book (ELW). The liturgy includes the four critical aspects of worship; Gathering, Hearing God’s Word, Celebrating Holy Communion and being Sent into the world.