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In September of 2014, the members of the congregation of Gethsemane voted to accept and move forward with the Vision and Strategic Plan developed by the Congregation Council.

This plan including funding a number of projects that are vital to the growth of Gethsemane and to being a congregation of outreach and compassion. The following documents are included here to give you more detailed information about the plan, the projects to be undertaken and raising of the money needed to complete the projects.  Should you have any questions, please contact a member. Jon ErdahlTracy ErdahlDave Kane, and David Reinke.

  • Gethsemane Exists

Gethsemane exists to be a place of respite, of stability in an unstable world. It exists to be both the teacher and student, evolving with the needs of those who call it their spiritual home. Gethsemane exists to provide space, both literal and figurative, for people to realize the best of themselves through service to others and God, regardless of their background, faith, or orientation. Gethsemane exists to shepherd children, providing them with a strong foundation of faith, and inspiring in them the need to serve others through faith. Gethsemane exists to lift up the weakest amongst us, by providing food, shelter, clothing, counseling, and connection to God and community. Simply put, Gethsemane exists to be the soul of the community it serves……Click below to read the rest

 Gethsemane Exists

  • The Future Gethsemane as a person

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Who is G

  • Vision and Strategic Plan


Over the next five years, being rooted in Word and Sacrament, we envision becoming a dynamically growing congregation that is revitalized in worship, more deeply committed to living out our Spiritual values, and more comprehensively being Christ to the community around us through compassionate service.

Strategic Plan:

In order to bring this vision to fruition we as a congregation need to not only become financially stable, we also need to free up assets so that we can become a ministry driven congregation instead of a maintenance driven congregation. Our current financial situation demands focus on meeting expenses. We need to leverage our resources so that we can become a congregation that directs its energy and resources to growth through service. This can be accomplished through altering our current financial paradigm. To change the paradigm, that we can change our focus it is our plan to implement the following strategies: Click below to see the full Vision and Strategic Plan.

Vision and Strategic Plan

  • Gethsemane next steps

We have completed all of the pre-work to transforming Gethsemane into something “G” would be proud of. We now know “Who” the church is, and “What” the words by which all things will be evaluated. These words are “Inviting”, “Engaged”, and “Alive”.

Our mission now is to take the disconnect report that I’ve created (which was the result of my looking at the entire facility through the eyes of G), and use it to transform the entire facility into a church that is Inviting, Engaged, Alive, and COHESIVE. Gethsemane must and will be a church that tells the same story and delivers the same message regardless of what room you are in, person you are speaking with, or material you are reading. Click below to see the disconnects and action plan.

Gethsemane Next Steps

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