At long last, our new website photo gallery is live and ready to receive your photos! This feature will serve as our photo library filled with dedicated albums related to the programs, events, and ministries of Gethsemane. Everyone is welcome to submit photos; our communications team will then review submissions and publish the images we receive to our home page gallery, facebook etc. With a storage place for photos taken by all the families, friends, and photographers among us — in addition to those taken by our communications team — we’ll be able to offer 24/7 access to this great collection of photos for our church family to enjoy, keep, and share. Your photos may be used in our church publications such as brochures, posters, blogs, videos, and websites.

Here’s how to share your photographs:

  • Click the link below to take you to our EASY upload tool. Select the photos you would like to share and click upload.
  • It’s very important to send only your best photos of each event (phone photos are fine!)
  • Please make sure you allow your photos to finish uploading before exiting the page!
  • When we receive a new upload, we’ll review, size and format, and then load your photos to our home page gallery.
  • We do reserve the right to crop, edit and remove any images that are of poor quality, inappropriate, or outside our editorial guidelines.

Photo Uploader